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by Jim Carras
Why is creating customer value important to you?

All companies are undergoing changes, especially in the political, economic, social and technological areas.  Your customers and potential customers are now making demands of business the likes of which have never been seen before.  You must build a sustainable competitive advantage requires you to review your business models to ensure that the customer is central to its design.

Desired value refers to what a customer desires in a product or service. Perceived value is the benefit a customer believes he or she received from a product after it was purchased. Customers want value not products. Understanding what customers value is the first step to delivering customer value.

Value, or perceived value, can change over the course of the customer's journey.  They;ll have some idea of the value you offer when they're first introduced to your product or brand, and this will change once they begin to interact with you and your product or servoce, your people, and even other customers.

Why focus on creating value for customers?
Let's look at some statistics.

  • Customer focused companies are 60% more profitable compared to those that aren't. 
  • 91% of companies have disengaged with content because it fails to connect with customers.
  • Typical customers are 60% of way through buying process before they contact you.
  • 67% have a clear picture of what they want when they first speak to you.
  • 33% of companies globally don't measure the success of creating customer value

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