Customer Value Creation - Virtual Consultant Phases

Companies cannot achieve a customer value focus with just one or two of these Virtual Consultant phases.  The key is to create your company's unique strategy with a holistic and integrated approach. 

Each of these will contain the "Best of the Best" with growing in-depth knowledge base including Forums, Articles, Mentors, Book Reviews, Software Tools, and Training.  Blogs will be moderated by global subject matter experts and practitioners.


Why is creating customer value important to your company? How to define your customer needs


How to create your outside-in strategic plan


Implement changes within your company - Making It Happen


Continue building customer focused improvements, metric and refinements

  • Why is Customer Value Creation Important to your company?
  • What is Customer-Centricity?
  • How to define your customer needs
  • What is customer perceived value?
  • Types of customer needs
  • Surveys
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
  • Customer requirements check-list
  • Identify Employee and Stakeholder Value
  • Build a coalition transformation team
  • Develop your long-term customer strategy
  • Establish your value proposition
  • Organization-wide clarity and  confirm your mission and vision
  • Translate customer value into strategic and tactical objectives
  • Develop action plan
  • Validate resources and timeframe
  • Identify Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CVC
  • Identify Contact Center scope and components
  • Transform Product Development
  • Transform Pricing / Discounts
  • Transform CRM
  • Transform Data and Analyhsis
  • Transform Customer Experience
  • Transform Marketing
  • Transform Sales
  • Transform Customer Service
  • Transform Innovation
  • Transform Contact Centers
  • Transform Co-Creation/Netnography/AI
  • Employee and Stakeholder Org. Change
  • Company wide management tools
  • Create analytics for KPI insight
  • Define the KPI's used to measure progress and success
  • Customer Retention

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