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CVCI Members will have many ways to achieve success with our "Best of the Best" knowledge assets along with a logical CVCI timeline "Virtual Consultant" for companies to follow as they implement change. Below are some of the membership services under development building membership benefits.

Our plans are to take CVCI live January 1, 2020.  Website development is moving forward to meet this schedule.  If you are interested to help provide input to build any of these categories, please email Jim Carras .

 Research White Papers
 Endorsements Benchmark
 Targeted Surveys
 Case Studies
 Assessment Tools
 Expert Mentors
 Communities Regional Forums
 Exec. Roundtable
 Job Postings
 Networking Newsletter
 Volunteering Training Mentors/Experts Symposiums
 Webcasts Calendar of Events
 University Programs

One of the core components for our members is the Virtual Consultant. 

Visit the Virtual Consultant home page.

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