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Seeds of Building
Customer Value

CVCI has been developed for business professionals with responsibility for creating customer value in their organizations.

CVCI will create an optimized holistic and integrated approach through “Best of the Best Virtual Consulting” practices that enables our members to profitably build and implement a successful customer value focused business culture

Companies must look at all of their People, Process and Technology to build a holistic and integrated customer value creation plan.


You will learn how your company
will create value for your customers.

A Customer Value Creation Masterclass to be delivered via online videos that covers all aspects of a company's customer value creation activities. The material will integrate topics between associated elements and explain how all the different elements of customer value creation work together.

Join the Customer Value Revolution

"Customer Value" has become a hot buzzword in business today. But what exactly does customer value mean?

If you ask 10 different business people this question, you'll probably get 10 different answers. This is because there are a number of different components of customer value creation ranging from product development, customer service, to sales, marketing, pricing and Big Data and Analysis. Depending on their areas of expertise, and responsibility, each person is going to view the concept of customer value creation through a different lens.

What is clearly missing is an integrated and holistic approach to customer value that will make it easy for businesses to get the help they need when it comes to creating customer value. This is the goal of Customer Value Creation International (CVCI).

Best of the best

Bringing Together Global Leaders And Subject Matter Experts, Just Like You.. "All In One" CVCI Association

 Customer Experience
 Pricing Contact Centers
 Sales Marketing Innovation Product Development
 Big Data / Analytics
 Customer Engagement
 B2B/B2C Social Media
 Customer Centric
 Organization Change
 VOC/CRM/AI Customer Service
 Transformations Branding Content Marketing

Each of these major categories will have Best of the Best content, Mentors, Training Modules, Forums, Job Opportunities, Events, etc.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are the building blocks of Customer Value Creation International.  There are many exciting ways you can become involved to create value for yourself and others.  Understand the techniques and approaches other professionals contribute to the company-wide customer centricity.

  • Content Creators
  • Association Management
  • Training Development
  • Mentors
  • Facilitators
  • CVCI Board Members
Please consider becoming a CVCI Volunteer and interact with other professionals around the world to build the association and "Pay Forward" to repay others as others helped you.

Customers are Changing

All companies are undergoing changes, expecially in the political, economic, social and technological areas.  Your customer and potential customers are now making demands of business the likes of which have never been seen before. You must build a sustainable competitive advantage requiring a review of your business models to ensure that the customer is central to its design.

James Dodkins had a good analogy. Think of a Duck in the water... the top is Customer Experience but under the water is the operational processes of the company. The duck goes in whatever direction the bottom is going. Customer Value Creation addresses the entire duck and the environment it encounters.


Industry Leaders

Marketing Guru Phil Kotler says "the role of Marketing is to create Customer Value and Capture Value, and create a Customer Strategy"

Peter Drucker also says "There is only one valid definition of business purpose: "to create Customer Value where value is created for customers and wealth is generated for owners"

Today there are a number of targeted programs, each claiming to be the key to customer success. None really look at the total company so it is impossible to have everyone and every process in the company focused to create customer value.  CVCI's Mission!

Jim Carras, Managing Director

Customer Value Creation International

Call (903) 705-5792 cell/text

1635 Brookhollow Dr.
Hideaway, Texas 75771

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